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Terms & Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and terms for participating in the contest

Can you take part with tracks that have been released by a record or publishing company in the past?

You can, under the only condition of the Rules is that the soloist or group must not be under contract to a record company or publishing company when they register or can present a written statement by these companies that contractual obligations and or copyright obligations for the recordings are waived for the purpose of this competition.

Can foreigners take part?

It’s an international Band Contest. So yes, as long as your band can participate in The Netherlands when selected to be a finalist. The finals are on June 7th 2020.

Can individual musicians take part in more than one band in the contest?

Yes, they can (as long as all the other criteria for participation are met).

How long should the tracks to upload last?

In order for Judges to properly assess the tracks, the suggested length is between 3 and 7 minutes.

What kind of track can you present?

Contestants can present both new tracks and tracks already recorded or published before the Contest. Each group that registers declares that they have created the tracks and/or arrangements presented. Original compositions are allowed, but al least one of 4 songs as indicated in the upload procedure should be submitted to help a better evaluation by the Jurors.

How can I be sure that the band information and tracks have been uploaded properly?

During the upload the user will be guided step by step by the control panel, with a feedback message if either element is missing. The band profile will only be visible on the site once all the contents have been uploaded correctly. You will receive a notification – followed by a confirmation e-mail – that you have registered properly. Also, you can remove and/or upload files again until you are happy with the submitted materials.

Judges and selections

Who are the Artistic Judges?

We will present the jurors on the date when registration of the bands ends. This way we’ll prevent any conflict of interest during the registration period.

Who are the Public Judges?

Anyone can be a Public Judge. Just register at www.bandcontest.nomm365.org with your email address. These will be used only for the Contest (please see the Privacy Policy), the final event and follow up on the winners trip to New Orleans. Each Public Judge can vote a maximum of 10 times throughout the whole Contest.

Will the public classification count towards deciding the finalists? And what about the winners?

Yes. The Public can vote for their favorite contestant and will decide 1 of the 10 finalists by casing their vote. Public voting will open on the day after the registration deadline date and will close four weeks later. Every registered user can express their preferences through a single vote system (one band, one vote), casting up to 10 votes (for the same band or for different bands). When voting ends the group or soloist with the most votes will not only be one of the 10 finalists, but will also win the Public Panel Award.

How will the overall winner be chosen? 

The overall winner of the contest will be selected by the panel jurors chaired by NOMM365 director Eelco van Velzen, The jury will assess the artists live performances at the NOMM365 International Band Contest finals. Each finalist will perform a 25 minutes set. The jurors will not only look for technical skills and the overall impression of the band. Also the improvisational element of the band’s jazz and the fun of the will be taken in consideration.


What are the finalists’ prizes? 

Of course all finalists are winners and will be allowed to use the NOMM365 International Band Contest 2020 Finalist logo in their communication. The jury however will appoint three different prizes:

The best band award: The winning band will be invited to travel to New Orleans on a truly inspirational trip. Workshops by New Orleans musicians, gigs in New Orleans jazz clubs, visits to concerts and sit in opportunities with playing bands all over town will be part of that trip. The exact dates will of course be the outcome of a close coordination between the winning band, team NOMM365 and the clubs in New Orleans. Of course flights, hotel stay, all meals and a per diem are part of the deal. This prize represents a value of €25.000!

The best soloist award: the jury will decide which solo inspired them most. Even if a musician doesn’t play in the winning band, he or she can still play an amazing solo. That will not be unrewarded: the best soloist award

There always is a band that doesn’t win, but somehow managed to impress the jury anyway. Maybe they were the most fun band to hear or see play. Or they played great but something was missing in their performance. We’ll know it when the finals are over. That band will get the special appreciation award, which we will see as an encouragement to follow up on the advice as given by the jury. Also, the winning band will be offered a stage to perform at the 2021 edition of the New Orleans Music Meeting!

The band that has entered the finale by public votes in the online pre-rounds will receive the Public Panel Award.


When will the 10 finalists be notified? 

As soon as the registration period ended, the public voting phase starts. In the meanwhile each professional jury member will review the registrations and select his or her favorites. These votes, together with the band chosen by the public will lead to a top 10 of bands -> the finalists. They will be notified immediately after the jury has come to a selection, but not later than 5 weeks after the registration deadline. The list will also be published on the website bandcontest.nomm365.org and festival.nomm365.org and the various social media pages launched by NOMM365. 

Will the names of the finalists and winners be published?

 Of course! The names of the finalists and the eventual winners will be published on our websites and social media channels. Also in press releases and in newsletters to NOMM365 stakeholders we will happily share that information. 

What do the 10 finalists have to do after they’ve been chosen? 

We’ll contact your band to prepare your appearance in the finale. Also you will be asked to complete your bands registration page if you haven’t yet and to send us relevant high resolution photographs, biographic info and practical stuff such as a stage plot and technical rider.

How long can the concert by the 10 finalist groups last? Which tunes should the finalist groups perform? 

The duration of your finale set can be only 25 minutes. The set list will contain at least one song from the list that we will send you if you are selected for the finale. 

Will the finalists have to bring their own instruments to Veghel? 

Yes and no. Obviously we will provide drums, piano and back line. Other instruments you will have to bring. Some bands might require other instruments supplied by us. All that will be cleared once you’ve been selected for the finale. 

If a finalist is unable to perform on the assigned date, will it be possible to get a new date? 

Unfortunately not. The date is part of the festival schedule. It’s where all the set up, jury members and the audience to cheer your performance are right then and there. 

Can members of the finalist bands be replaced? 

Yes. Although the band members listed in the contest registration form will be regarded to play in the band performing on June 7th. But it can always happen a band member turns ill or just cannot make the date. If in that case you’ll need to replace and/or add one or two members of your band to a maximum of 33% of the entire group, we will agree.

Will finalists be paid for performances in the finale? 

No, finalists will perform for free. However, your band will be handed a form to declare your travel expenses that we will reimburse to a maximum of €500 per band. Of course we will provide food and drinks for your band.

Do artists have to grant permission for recording? 

By registering for the contest and agreeing to perform in the finale, finalists authorize video and audio recording during the event, the diffusion of images and audio of performances and the creation of other audio and graphic materials containing their tracks. Obviously, the author(s) of a track(s) will retain their intellectual property rights.

Can a finalist bring fans to the finale? 

Of course they can. Your fans would need to register for a ticket though, using the special discount code issued to every finalist. The discount for the first 50 of your fans will be 100%. So for them it’s free!

What happens if one or more finalists decide to withdraw from the finale?

If one or more finalist groups should decide to withdraw from the opportunity to perform in the finale, we have the right to substitute them with band #11 on the jury’s list and so on. By not showing on the finale the artists will also waive their right to the other contest prizes and opportunities offered to other finalists. The only exception to this will be the Public Panel's prize, in order to respect the wishes of the voting public.

THE WINNERS: Let’s go to New Orleans

What will be the dates of that trip to New Orleans? 

That’s up to you, mostly. Although we will be part of the decision making process, we understand that you’ll need to coordinate such a trip with the home front and other obligations you might have. Optimal would be around or during one of the great festivals in New Orleans, so we can get your band to perform there too.

How long will the winners be in New Orleans? 

That’s up to you too! After the winner is selected we will sit with you and carefully plan the trip, tailored to your band’s desires and what is possible and available locally in New Orleans on the dates selected. Essential is that you include all the opportunities we’ll offer to meet New Orleans musicians, play with them and learn all about the birthplace of jazz.    

Can the winners bring family or friends along to New Orleans? 

You can! Please note, we might not be able to provide access to all of the program for others than band members. Also, all costs involved with bringing family or friends, or fans, are not going to be covered by us. If for practical reasons we book hotels or flights for others than band members, you will need to pay those costs back to us before we can confirm those bookings.

Do all band members that have played the finale go on this trip? 

That’s up to you too. If for whatever reason you choose to change the winning team, the leader of the band can invite replacement musicians. We’ll have to approve every change though. Also, if a replacement is desired after the flight tickets have been booked and issued, we’ll follow the airline policy in regard to ‘changing names’ and possible surcharges or even complete loss of the ticket.

In what hotel will we stay? 

It’s rather simple: together with you we’ll plan the complete trip. All of the expenses will have to fit within the € 25.000,- budget. If you decide to stay in a low budget hotel, there will be more budget left for other things to do or to stay a bit longer. 

Will we be ‘on our own’ in New Orleans? 

You will be not. A tour manager will travel with you on our behalf. Also we will arrange a local specialist to guide the band and arrange all the local activities. This will significantly improve the New Orleans experience and will smoothen the challenges involved with travelling with a group. To avoid misunderstandings: Costs for support personnel, tour management and registration fees will be charged to the € 25.000,- total budget. 

Will we have to bring our own instruments to New Orleans? 

Yes, for all the instruments you can carry onboard an airplane. No, for drums (except cymbals and sticks), double bass, amplifiers and such. Probably it’s even better to locally hire a sousaphone too. Please note: Make sure your instruments are in a solid case and you have an insurance to cover possible damage or loss. Not all airlines will let you carry a musical instrument on board, so you’ll have to check it in. This will also affect your baggage-allowance.