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About NOMM365

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NOMM stands for New Orleans Music Meeting, a brand-new initiative to celebrate the greatness of jazz music. In order to do so, several activities are planned. The International Band Contest and the development of an online platform for all stakeholders of the jazz ecosystem.

But NOMM is more. Initiated by musicians, music business professionals and entrepreneurs NOMM365 (even when 2020 counts 366 days) is a serious attempt to repair and empower the live jazz music infrastructure in Europe. You didn’t know it was broken? Well, it is.

How so?

Well, to just name a few:

  • Problematic demographics (younger than 65 years old people hardly visit jazz concerts). This makes jazz music increasingly irrelevant for commercial promotors, private venues, politicians and business sponsors. Although we think they are wrong believing that, they usually and increasingly do;
  • Lack of funding and support by governments and cultural institutions; 
  • Close to no airtime on broadcast channels, where new generations of potential audiences could have been inspired by the amazing music jazz can be;
  • A severe erosion in the underlying ecosystem of music schools, local festivals and support for local artists, where new talent is recognized, taught and trained to become the outstanding musicians of the next generation. Most of that damage is done due to political decisions and budget cut after budget cut;

It’s unawareness that undermines what once seemed to be an everlasting reality of concerts and a solid fan base for this art form. Sorry for bringing this alarming information to you. 

But… is it beyond repair? We don’t believe so!

  • A lot of young people do really enjoy jazz music. They sometimes just don’t know it’s jazz they are listening to, due to a lot of jazz is blended in cross over genres;
  • Also, even when the number of live jazz concerts in Europe is decimated over the last 15 years, there are still a lot of people making the big effort of organizing concerts in their community;
  • Jazz music, because of the quality of improvisational skills jazz musicians have, has the capacity to reinvent itself over and over again;
  • Jazz fans can help (and want to) to keep their favorite art form alive;

So how to improve the status quo?

If we want to turn things for the good, we need to increase the number of jazz concerts, organize them smarter and inspire audiences again and again. ‘We’ is not just team NOMM365. It’s everybody that already appreciates jazz. From performers to promotors, media companies, venues and, most important, fans. 

The thing is, there are jazz festivals (from large to very local) and there are jazz concerts from touring professional bands in great venues to amateur bands in a local pub. All of those events matter. Every great, famous jazz musician once was an amateur playing in a pub or in a school band. It’s because of all those opportunities and mileage made that he or she could develop into one of the amazing artists we all enjoy today.

Some facts

Fact 1: all these local concerts and small festivals together are responsible for the majority of live concerts, year after year. Some may seem insignificant, but they are not: every single event is an opportunity for musicians or ‘musicians to be’ to perform in front of an audience. Too, these events form the perfect platform for an audience to let themselves inspire or simply enjoy the music that is played right there in front of them.

Another fact: most of these locally focused organizers are enthusiasts that invest a lot of time and money to make these events happen. Free time, unpaid. They all will have their good reasons to do so, but fact is we all should be extremely grateful that they contribute greatly to the live jazz music ecosystem.

NOMM365 will turn around all of that?

It very well might! To help current organizers to keep producing concerts and to create even more passionate organizers we’ve decided to reach out to them and create NOMM365.org. An online platform where organizers (and artists, and venues, and music teachers, and sponsors and supporters) will find each other in what we dream will be a community of stakeholders working together, helped by amazing tools to make their work more efficient. Think Airbnb for live jazz music. Recognizing local markets, to respect and nurture them and facilitate them professionally thus creating a pan-European platform that gives access to all those separate events. 

Picture yourself being a local concert organizer that joins the NOMM365 community and doesn’t have to go through the trouble of building and maintaining a website anymore. And what about the very time-consuming efforts of sending numerous newsletters and investing in social media presence? Let alone dealing with the often rather complicated issues of an administrative nature. And all of that for ‘just’ the 7 concerts an average organizer stages in a year? We understand why some organizers are reconsidering their decision to be one. 

And then there are challenges that are impossible to enter on a local level, even if some local organizers try anyway to rethink their strategy to get younger people to attend these events, to name just one out of many challenges.
Well, because it’s all local. Independent. And thus, we hate to say it, inefficient and ineffective. In our dream all those local initiatives connect, work together and create a front to actually compete with all the other possibilities consumers have to spend their free time and leisure budget on.

All they need is a platform that facilitates this cooperation. And that’s where we come in: NOMM365 connects the dots and will help promote both local and international events, helping organizers to set up a professional very low maintenance website, effective social media strategy, great concert planning tools, a stunningly easy-to-use ticketing system and, maybe most important, creating higher budgets to book artists by finding sponsors and by offering a more efficient way of doing things. To summarize: we’ll enable more and better concerts by implementing a smart economy of scale solution we’ve named NOMM365.