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About the contest

NEWS: Due to all the restrictions related to the Covid-19 outbreak, the original date for the contest’s live finals has been postponed to a later date. Hence we’ve adjusted the timeline of our band competition. After all, it is currently not advisable to get together to play and record songs to enter the contest with. This is why we’ve moved the deadline for registration to a later date. We will inform you about the new dates as soon as we’ve scheduled the grand live finale event. So, the good news is: the band competition will continue!

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Who can participate?

The NOMM365 International Band Contest is all about New Orleans Jazz Music. So this contest is open to any band that recognizes New Orleans as the birthplace of jazz and displays the versatility of the genre.

Some might think New Orleans Jazz is strictly classic jazz. We think it’s not! It’s 2020 now, jazz has evolved into many forms. We would like to hear the fun and improvisational skills that have been the main ingredients of New Orleans Jazz right from the start.

It doesn’t matter to us if your band is made up from professional musicians, amateurs or since when your band exists. It also doesn’t matter to us where your band is from. What is important to us is that your band would be available to perform for a live audience during the final round. Read also the rules for participation carefully before you enter.

The aim of our contest is to celebrate and honor the jazz music we all love and to connect New Orleans musicians to their European colleagues and create more jazz concerts, bigger audiences and love for New Orleans jazz and it’s heritage.

How does it work?

Entering the competition is simple: follow the steps as listed in How to participate?. After the registration period ends our jurors will go through all the entries and decide which 9 bands have the best potential to win the final round in which bands will celebrate the best jazz has to offer: 9 bands picked by the professional jury and 1 band picked by the public: After registration ends you can share your registration with everybody you know. Your fans can vote for the bands they like best. Fans of other band can vote for you too, if they like you. The most voted for band will automatically make it to the final round. Everyone that votes for a band will be invited to the live final round, if the bands they've voted for make it to the final.


How to participate?

Participating in the contest is open to any group of musicians able to perform in the grand live finale, of which the date will be communicated as soon as we have more clarity about when events can be organized again. Professional musicians as well as semi-professionals and advanced amateurs in existing bands or formations created for the purpose of this contest can enter. Why we are this tolerant? Because it’s our aim to challenge every musician to take a dive into the history of the birthplace of jazz and use that information to shape his/her music.

All you have to do is register by creating an account and list your band (you can even participate with more than one band). You don’t have to finish the listing(s) in one session: you can login again later to add, remove and improve that profile.

Upload up to 3 different recordings per band (mp3 of hyperlink). One of the songs you upload should be from the list below. You can choose the other songs from your own recordings or setlist. If you don’t have a recording of one of the listed songs yet, make one. You have until the deadline (postponed until further notice due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Don’t worry about the sound quality too much: even a recording made with a smart phone will be accepted.

Pick at least one song from this list:

  1.     Bourbon street parade
  2.     High society
  3.     Just a closer walk with thee
  4.     Struttin’ with some bbq
  5.     Potato head blues
  6.     St. James Infirmary
  7.     When my dreamboat comes home
  8.     South Rampart street parade
  9.     Tiger Rag
  10.     Milenberg joys
  11.     Muskrat ramble

We are not a typical New Orleans jazz band. Now what?

In our book there is not a typical New Orleans jazz band. It would be too restrictive to say what band is and what band isn’t. New Orleans jazz musicians today play all over the world all the way from classic jazz to the funkiest of jazz you’ll ever hear. Still, you can somehow recognize in every song they play that they remember where jazz was born.

So if you are a hard bop band, or an electric ensemble playing jazz, please enter too (and dig into one of the four songs listed in the How to participate section. As long as the jury hears your talent, your fun in playing and your improvisational skills you are New Orleans enough for us!

NOLA Soul Brass Band Dino-Perucci

Who will win, and why?

That is up to the jurors. It’s not a race, where the one finishing first wins. It’s art. There will always be some subjectivity in every juror’s vote. They will focus on fun, swing, mastership, improvisational skills and how the ensemble sounds as a whole. The jurors will discuss their individual findings and collectively decide which bands wins.

Is there a second prize too?

Actually, there is. And a third and fourth. Every finalist already is a winner by the fact alone they’ve made it that far. Every finalist will be offered a workshop or masterclass by renowned New Orleans musicians and every finalist can use the ‘Nomm365 International Band Contest Finalist 2020’ in their promotional materials.

Also the jury will decide what solo inspired them most. Even if a musician doesn’t play in the winning band, he or she can still play an amazing solo. That will not be unrewarded: the best solo award.

There always is a band that doesn’t win, but somehow managed to impress the jury anyway. Maybe they were the most fun band to hear or see play. Or they played great but something was missing in their performance. We’ll know it when the finals are over. That band will get the special appreciation award, which we will see as an encouragement to follow up on the advice as given by the jury. The winner of this award will be invited to the 2021 finals of the NOMM365 International Band Contest!

The band that has entered the finale by public votes in the online pre-rounds will receive the Public Panel Award.

What’s in it for us?

We will record all performances during the final round. You will be handed those recordings to use as promo material for your band’s future. Also we will share all the finalist’s recordings with hundreds of bookers in Europe. Clips of the finale will be casted through our media channels for years to come.

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